Craftsmanship Committee

The Craftsmanship Committee is comprised of  judges whose expertise encompasses all areas of commercial construction. Over the course of three days, the Committee performs on-site inspections of each project nominated and determines the top 20 award winning craftsmen.

Chair:Thomas Koch, Plano Coudon Construction

Craftsmanship Committee
Cory Colassard, Spears/Votta & Associates, Inc.
Jeff Downs,  The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company
Cecelia Etzel, Johns Hopkins University
Daniel Fischer, J. F. Fischer, Inc.
Rian Hargrave, Mahogany Inc.
Keith Kregecz, Henry J. Knott Masonry
Robert Morelock, Site Resources
Clay Myatt, Siemens
Emily Philpot,  The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company
Tom Scott, Brawner Builders, Inc.
Kirk Sylvester, Worcester Eisenbrandt, Inc
Wayne Temple, Oak Contracting, LLC